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Create a Lasting Impression at Events with At The Italian Table

Have a corporate event lined up? Or want to impress your new neighbourhood with a great house warming party? Whatever be the occasion, private or corporate, finger-licking food is a must. If you’re tensed about the menu, dishes and serving for an upcoming event, do not worry. At The Italian Table has got it all planned out for you. So, you can focus on socialising and entertaining your guests while they will take care of the catering. The pros of hiring a catering service are that they have experience in working with a large number of guests. They know how much food to prepare, can plan out what to serve as starters and for the main course, have dedicated menus for each event that you can customise and they will deliver accordingly. So all in all, it makes sense to hire catering companies Sydney for your events. Remember good food and hospitality go hand in hand. So, when you are gauging the interest of your guests or convincing that big client to join hands with your co

At The Italian Table: The Best Catering Services for Your Event

Food is the most important thing, for any event or party to be a success. And what better cuisine to keep on the menu than Italian, isn't it? Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the most exquisite cuisines, and not a lot of catering services can satisfy their customers when it comes to this cuisine or even catering. That is why when you are choosing corporate caterers in Sydney , you need to consider a lot of things like: 1. Responsiveness : During an event, it is very important to have caterers who are responsive. And how a caterer talks to you during your initial conversations tells how they will be during the event. 2. Good Food : We don’t need to tell how important food is for an event. However good the event maybe, if the food is not nice, your event will not be considered a success. It is very important to find someone who has an amazing food taste and quality and has high satisfaction ratings. Though finding a catering service like this can be quite a str

Check Out This Italian Menu For Your Wedding!

When it comes to food, nothing tastes better than Italian. So, if you are getting overwhelmed by deciding what to serve your guests on your wedding day, save this post. Since it’s your wedding day, you can’t afford to ruin anything. And while everything is going as planned, it is important to plan a perfect menu that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. If you want your guests to be excited about the menu you have prepared, hire a team of professional wedding caterers Sydney . While professional caterers can make delicious dishes, here’s a complete guide to setting a fantastic and delicious menu for your wedding. · APERITIVO = COCKTAIL HOUR The delicious welcome drinks you are offering to your guests can be either passed around or served on the table. Along with welcome drinks, you can also serve finger food/bites, Canapes · ANTIPASTI = STARTERS After the welcome drink, come the starters. Since it is the first dish that is served, it can either be a mix of different food or