Create a Lasting Impression at Events with At The Italian Table

Have a corporate event lined up? Or want to impress your new neighbourhood with a great house warming party? Whatever be the occasion, private or corporate, finger-licking food is a must. If you’re tensed about the menu, dishes and serving for an upcoming event, do not worry. At The Italian Table has got it all planned out for you. So, you can focus on socialising and entertaining your guests while they will take care of the catering.

The pros of hiring a catering service are that they have experience in working with a large number of guests. They know how much food to prepare, can plan out what to serve as starters and for the main course, have dedicated menus for each event that you can customise and they will deliver accordingly. So all in all, it makes sense to hire catering companies Sydney for your events.

Remember good food and hospitality go hand in hand. So, when you are gauging the interest of your guests or convincing that big client to join hands with your company, you don’t have to bother about the quality of food.

At The Italian Table is passionate to provide restaurant quality Italian cuisine at the comfort of your surroundings. The founder, Chef Christian Colognesi, has over 20 years of experience and knows how to deliver a gala event with his contemporary style of dishes which are full of quality ingredients.

The team never compromise on safety and hygiene when it comes to catering and all the kitchenware is of A-grade quality. This is what makes them best catering Sydney service.

They have customisable packages for all sorts of events, meeting your demand and budget. Additionally, they also provide crockery, linen, glassware and DJ and bar services upon request. So, you don’t just get food by a renowned private chef Sydney but also these extra services, making your event worth remembering!

What makes an event well-rounded is when every guest leaves with contentment. To ensure this, your menu must have something for everyone. It should have enough vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and also an assortment of beverages and desserts. All of this can be discussed with the team. At The Italian Table will make it a point to seamlessly integrate all your menu needs and deliver with love and hospitality. Also, having a wide variety of dishes makes it easier to create room for any last minute guests, and the team is very much capable of handling any such last minute additions.

So, make your upcoming event the best one yet, with At The Italian Table.

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